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Weddings are Avianto’s forte and over the years our offerings have expanded to accommodate a wide range of tastes and needs. 

We offer two exclusive and completely separate venues for wedding celebrations, the Ballroom and the Banquet Hall. Various options exist for smaller and more intimate celebrations. 

Avianto was born in 1997 from the idea of creating the perfect wedding venue for what must be one of life’s great celebrations. Having captured the hearts of discerning brides with the Banquet Hall, The Ballroom, a second venue, was created with some more versatility accommodating splendid corporate celebrationsDedicated conference centers and hotel rooms followed with the introduction of Café Cielo to accommodate the need for leisure guests and leisure dining.

The Avianto hotel and secured public offerings include 2 km of botanical parklands along the Crocodile river with numerous sporting facilities. The Avianto Hotel has become the central node of the greater Avianto Lifestyle estate and continues to expand to the north along the Crocodile River, onto what used to be the old Syringa Picnic Resort.

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Avianto’s menu is specifically designed in accordance with each function procedure. It’s all in the detail. Always freshly prepared, our homemade bread leaves the oven as your guests sit down! Our guests constantly remark on how friendly and helpful Avianto’s staff are and we believe this stems from the respect and consideration every employee enjoys, no matter what their job is.

Your vision, our brilliance! A brilliant event is no less than the sum of its parts so you need our passion and our experience to ensure that each and every aspect of your function is suffused with excellence.




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Telephone: 011 668 3000
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Telephone: 011 668 3000
Fax: 086 660 1106
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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