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The SA Wedding Directory is your very own virtual wedding planner designed to make your special day perfect as possible.

Create your dream wedding from concept to creation by browsing our selection of the very finest in wedding vendors, wedding venues, services and products in South Africa. We understand the complexity of arranging a wedding so we've brought a huge range of service providers, venues, wedding jewellery vendors and products together in one place.

Our KwikFind system makes finding your perfect wedding vendor simple!

The simplicity of our KwikFind system allows you to browse a wide variety of vendors from your phone, tablet or desktop to find the vendor to suit your requirements in the comfort of your own home.

Advertising is limited and SA Wedding Directory "Premuim" ListingsSA Wedding Services are responsive to accomodate mobile browsing.

Bridal accessories


Bridal accessories express the bride's elegance, ingenuity and personality!

Accessorize your bridal wear with radiant tiaras, sparkling chokers and necklaces, elegant earrings to create that sensational bridal look. KwikFind the bridal accessories vendor to suit your unique taste & style! The SA Wedding directory assists in finding bridal accessories from your veil or wedding hat, garters & gloves to your wedding jewellery...

Browse our list of bridal accessories vendors for your chosen location...

Wedding planners


Co-ordinate every aspect of your wedding day perfectly!

A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management to ensure that your wedding is well organised from conceptualisation and supplier selection to organisation of the day. The Wedding planner's valuable connections within the industry save you money when sourcing wedding venues and managing wedding suppliers...

Browse our list of wedding planners for your chosen location...

Wedding accessories


Find your perfect venue with just a few clicks of a mouse!

Looking for wedding venues in South Africa can be a difficult task because of the sheer number and variety available. Browse our listings and see what kind of events the venue can host, what facilities they have for receptions and what accommodations are available for guests...

Browse our list of wedding venues for your chosen location...

Bridal accessories


KwikFind the florist to embellish your wedding ceremony and reception halls!

A florist helps to ensure that your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets & flower arrangements are perfect for your wedding. Floral designs are created according to the type of flowers you prefer and the colour scheme you have selected. The wedding flowers you choose are going to appear in almost all of your wedding photographs...

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Wedding photographers


Let your wedding hinge around the enjoyment of the day and the photos represent a fabulous day of celebrations! Professional wedding photography is important to ensure that the memories of the happiest day of a bride and groom’s lives are accurate and real, yet artistic and unique.

The photography packages your wedding photographer offers will tell you how long the photographer will spend at your wedding and what style photographs will be taken.

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Wedding videographers


KwikFind the very best videographer for your cinematic keepsake!

Your wedding video should include a two disc box DVD set, one showing the edited video and one showing a short highlights sequence. Your wedding DVD should also include professional menus and scene selection. Most videographers offer a variety of DVD covers and labels depending on the package you choose...

Browse our list of videographers for your chosen location...

Bridal jewellery


KwikFind quality pieces that are designed to suit your unique taste and style!

Get a cost competitive advantage on your engagement ring and wedding jewellery with a wholesaler who deals directly with accredited jewellery factories. Wedding jewellery adds glitter, sparkle and elegance and is the finishing touch to the bride’s appearance. Jewellery is selected to fit the wedding gown, hairstyle and personal taste of the bride...

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